From left to right: Jess Hubbard, Jasmine Sargent, Mishalee Wickremesekera

We caught up with Jess, Jasmine and Mishalee, the three graduates who were the successful applicants for the Creative New Zealand publishing internships in 2019. We had an important question to ask them:

What is one key thing you hope to learn over the six months that you’re on your internship placement?

Jess Hubbard (Te Papa Press)

My background is in art and I really love contemporary art. I love art for the same reasons that I love books – I love experiencing new perspectives on the world. I find experiencing how local artists are engaging with the world especially interesting. So one of the things I want to do next year is start a press specialising in artists’ books.

For this reason, one of the main things I’m interested in learning at Te Papa Press is how to create a really high quality illustrated book. On the course we touched on paper and colour management and I want to dive deeper into these. Obviously, for the same reason, I’m also interested in the whole process of running a press as well.

Jasmine Sargent (Victoria University Press)

VUP are renowned for their new fiction and poetry as well as their exceptional editorial work – I feel very fortunate to have gained an internship placement there. I look forward to observing the way that an author’s voice is respected as their manuscript moves through the editorial process. I have spent the past year learning the rules of style, editing and grammar, and after six months with VUP I hope to better understand when those rules should be honoured and when they should be broken. Fiction editing is subjective, creative and collaborative, and I am eager to explore the processes behind it.

Mishalee Wickremesekera (Lift Education)

I was lucky enough to be placed at Lift Education, which is fantastic because literacy and children’s publishing were definitely my main interests when entering the course. One of the things I’d like to achieve in this internship would be to gain more experience with digital media and software. Lift Education is the perfect place to explore this as they experiment with different digital media that encourage children to engage with content in new and interesting ways. I am extremely excited to have been placed there and can’t wait to start!

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