The publishing course folk asked me to talk about one amazing and wonderful thing that I’d done since I’ve been working in publishing.  Sorry – fail – I can’t do it. I have hundreds of somethings.

I did the Whitireia publishing course in 2003. In Auckland, in a funny little house on the cold south side of a volcano at the very end of a dead-end street in Epsom. There were ten of us, and along the way we lost a couple people – to Reed, I think; to higher-paying industries. Lata already had a job as a typesetter. Peter had a passion for trout-fishing. Kat worked for Chris Cole-Catley when she wasn’t at school. And we all knew that Alison would go far. We grumbled a lot, especially about our status reports. We were kept beautifully in line by Teresa and Kate, and Peter on Fridays. And Thursday mornings we went on work placement. I thought the work placement was one of the best things I’d ever done and refused to move to a new publisher at the end of the first semester. That’s why I’m still here, and why I have worked on hundreds of AUP books since then: because for some crazy reason Teresa looked at me in the very first week and said ‘academic publishing’. So I am very grateful to Whitireia and for my Dip. Pub. Every year I try and talk my boss into having as many new Whitireia interns as we can get through the door. To give back.

They asked me to talk about one amazing and wonderful thing I’d encountered in my post-Whitireia career. I can’t name just one, but here are four types of amazing thing: Authors. Colleagues. Readers. Books. Too many of these amazing things to count.

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