Question: What is one amazing and wonderful thing you’ve done since you’ve been working in publishing?

Astral Sligo answers:

There hasn’t been one amazing thing, but many many moments of wonderfulness and wonder (and mind-wanderings):

From the first time I saw a book that I’d worked on in the shops; the first time I helped an author over their nerves before going on a television interview; organising a cocktail party on a TV star’s super yacht (and perfecting how to say canapés); to pure geeky delight when I realised I not only recognised the typeface of a book I was reading, but also what point size and leading it was set in. I’ll always smile at the memory of an author exclaiming, as they unwrapped their first author copy, that they would never again doubt my pedantic ways (no, you must!) and I now know the joy of trusting in an editor and publisher to bring my book to fruition.

What it boils down to is exactly what I said on my very first day of doing the Whitireia publishing course.

No matter if I was involved in creating a book (as author or editor), or encountering it as a finished product (as publicist and as reader), the truth remains that we do it for the love! The love of words, of stories, of books and of the good people who gather around bookshelves. I remain, as ever, that dreamy wistful hippy bibliophile who has not only acquired six brimming and bowing bookshelves but also gained many friends along the way. Reading is a solitary thing, but book publishing is made up of fine friends (and cheap wine!). Publishing may be changing, but the love won’t go away – that’s one pretty darn amazing thing.

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