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Theresa Crewdson, publisher, Lift Education

Theresa CrewdsonTheresa Crewdson is a publisher for Wellington-based educational publisher South Pacific Press / Lift Education. She completed the publishing course in 2006 and joined South Pacific Press the following year. She quickly worked her way up from editorial assistant to managing the publishing of digital and hard-copy resources for schools and adult training organisations in New Zealand and overseas.

As soon as she heard about the Editing Masterclass, Theresa was keen: "Five years working in the industry has confirmed that editing is my real passion, so I jumped at the chance to further my skills.

"One of the most valuable things about the Editing Masterclass (as with the publishing course) was the industry involvement — the tutors are working editors, as are the other students. Editing can be an isolated role, whether you're working in-house or freelance. So it's great to find a forum where you can unashamedly discuss editorial details with others who are really interested!

"I realised there's no single right way to edit something. Each of us approached every exercise slightly differently, but we all had valid solutions. The tutors, Paula and Anna, really treated us as colleagues and created an enjoyable, supportive environment.

"The Masterclass was not only an opportunity to refresh and expand on my skills, but a chance to build my confidence and experience working on a real manuscript that was different to those I come across in my job."


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Antoinette Wilson, freelance editor

AntoinetteWPrior to going freelance as an editor I had worked for 12 years in-house for various publishers in production and editorial roles. Despite my background working with some of New Zealand's best editors and developing a comprehensive understanding of the editorial process, I discovered as a freelance editor that I had much yet to learn.

The Editing Masterclass at Whitireia filled in many blanks — many more than I imagined existed! The course exercises refined my editing skills, while the extensive reading material, tutor talks and workshops have given me a far more in-depth understanding of the editor's role, and the invaluable feedback from the course tutors gave me a confidence I lacked before. As the course progressed I often found myself thinking, 'Wish I'd done this 10 years ago!' Upon its completion I felt enthused and excited about, and even more committed to my future as an editor.


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Bryony Walker, editor, Huia Publishers

Bryony-WalkerI completed the publishing course in 2005 and the Editing Masterclass in 2013.

There were six of us on the course – from government agencies, literary magazines, private companies and independent contracting – and two tutors (Paula Wagemaker and Anna Rogers) mentored us through the course, online and in two workshops. We had interesting discussions about editing right from the start of the course and received thought-provoking feedback.

For the first few weeks, we focused on reading editors’ and publishers’ views on structural editing and completing set exercises. Some of the things we looked at are deciding how much editing to do on a text, identifying whether a hands-on or hands-off approach is best, considering ways to reshape and enliven the language, tone and rhythm of text, finding creative ways to help the author’s message and voice sing out, and working with authors on their scripts.

The Editing Masterclass was a great opportunity to take time to really think about how you edit and approach editing and learn from the different ways others tackle the same tasks. It makes you aware of the subtle (and large) decisions and judgements you make as you shape sentences, select words, come to grips with the voice and tone of a piece, and develop the flow of the text. And it challenges you to question why you’ve done it a certain way and to look at possible alternatives.

Halfway through the course we plunged into a structural edit of a book, bringing fresh ideas from the first part of the course, sharing and discussing our different approaches to the material and getting feedback on our editing as we went. It was a busy, thoughtful and stimulating few months.
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