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I have employed or hosted as interns more than two dozen Whitireia graduates in the past ten years and am always struck by the fact that they have practical editorial chops as well as a breadth of knowledge about our very diverse and changing industry. Rachel's graduates are curious, hard working, and professional, and as Te Papa's cross-platform publishing programme diversifies and changes too, we will continue to need people with these skills.

Claire Murdoch, Te Papa Press


Whitireia Publishing
Random House New Zealand has hosted Whitireia publishing course interns twice-yearly for well over a decade, and it has always been a very happy experience. Universally, the interns are keen, intelligent, enterprising, hardworking and very willing to learn. And just as they learn so much while they are here, so too do we appreciate the extra pairs of hands at busy times of the year.

One happy outcome of the internship programme is that when we have had vacancies for our entry-level position, that of editorial assistant, we always go straight to Whitireia looking for candidates. This is because we know the graduates have the specialist industry knowledge needed cope with this busy role. Typically they stay for about 18 months and then, as luck has had it over the last ten years, a project editor position will open up for which they are well prepared.

The course is highly practical and very relevant, and the students and graduates are all extremely well prepared for their industry roles.  We are great supporters of this invaluable course.

Nicola Legat, Random House New Zealand


Whitireia Publishing
Recruiting Whitireia publishing graduates greatly reduces the inherent risk of a hiring decision. We currently have five Whitireia graduates on our books, and all of them demonstrate the programme’s focus on teaching the practical skills essential to a rapidly changing industry.

Chris Murray, LexisNexis New Zealand


Whitireia Publishing
A German student who came to us as an intern while at Whitireia told us she had searched the world and this was the best, most comprehensive publishing course she found. We have employed many graduates; such is their calibre that to our dismay many have been headhunted for jobs overseas. The great strength of the course is that it combines hands-on publishing projects with a lively range of guest lecturers from presses large and small.

Mary Varnham, Awa Press


Whitireia Publishing
The Whitireia publishing course graduates we have hired have been excellent – I can rely on them to have the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm needed for our work in educational publishing. Six of our current employees are graduates, and they all joined the company ready to go!

Neale Pitches, South Pacific Press Ltd/Lift Education


Whitireia Publishing
At Gecko Press we always enjoy the enthusiasm and versatility of the students who come to us, as well as their practical skills. The industry is very lucky to have this course to prepare students for a career in publishing.

Julia Marshall, Gecko Press


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