Grad-cert-EditingA wide-ranging introduction to professional editing and proofreading

This course is a comprehensive (online) introduction to professional editing and proofreading in print and digital environments.

It includes professional communication and plain English, along with how to evaluate content, shape text for different purposes, and work with writers and stakeholders. It also provides a solid base of editorial techniques, covering web editing, grammar and common errors of written English, and topics such as fact-checking, legal concerns and Māori-language considerations.

The Graduate Certificate in Editing is a valuable overview for anyone whose work includes a writing and editing component, and for beginning editors in public sector or specialist publishing. It is particularly suited to people interested in editing and proofreading roles in the wider publishing sector, including government departments and non-governmental organisations.

Developed in consultation with public-sector managers and specialist publishers, the Graduate Certificate in Editing builds editing skills for a broad context such as:

  • policy advice
  • web editing
  • research
  • content management
  • communications
  • technical publishing
  • report writing

This course is also appropriate for people already working in editing and proofreading roles but who have not had editing training, or people who would like to formalise their knowledge of editing conventions and industry standards.

The Graduate Certificate in Editing does not replace the Diploma in Publishing; those who wish to pursue a career in book editing, book publishing or publishing in digital and print media should enrol in the Diploma in Publishing (Applied).


Programme Outline

The Graduate Certificate in Editing is undertaken as two part-time papers: Editing and Editing Project. The first paper develops skills and knowledge for a range of professional editing roles in print and digital environments. In the second, students apply their knowledge to a significant project. Topics include:

  • Editing overview, the editor’s role and responsibilities
  • Audience and publication format (print and digital formats, evaluating and assessing content, repurposing and summarising)
  • Principles of clear expression and communication, including plain English
  • Grammar and usage, common errors
  • Editing tools and resources (style and style sheets, mark-up, editing onscreen)
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Developing editorial judgement, working with authors and stakeholders
  • Editing Māori in English-language texts
  • Legal considerations, fact checking and bibliographic citation
  • Search and indexing in digital and print



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