Can I work while I study on the publishing programme?

The Graduate Diploma in Publishing (Applied) is a fulltime course with a heavy workload and we recommend students do not attempt to work alongside their study. Although classes finish at 12.30 each day, the heart of this course is the practical publication work which students are engaged in during the afternoons and after hours. Students trying to work significant hours alongside the course are unable to make the most of the opportunities it offers (including, in many cases, extra-curricular or voluntary work for local publishers). Occasional students are able to undertake part-time work while remaining focused on their course work – for those people we suggest a maximum of 10 hours per week and remind them that they must be flexible in their availability and in class many afternoons for group work and meetings.


I’m interested in working in magazines and newspapers. Is the Whitireia publishing programme right for me?

While some graduates have found work in magazines and news media, our programme trains students primarily for trade and government publishing. A journalism degree would be the most suitable background for a career in magazine or newspaper publishing.


Will the publishing and editing courses at Whitireia allow me to work from home as a freelance editor?

Many of our graduates have established freelance careers and now work for themselves. However, in most cases they first worked in-house for a publisher, honing their editing skills and developing their networks. Occasionally, people with specialist backgrounds or networks can move into freelance editorial work in those specialist areas. Editing is a craft that is learned over time. It is unrealistic to think of setting up a business and competing for work with experienced editors with only a training course behind you – in-house experience, learning from others and time on the job are important steps on the way to developing editorial skills.


Does the Whitireia publishing course teach me how to self-publish my own books?

The course focuses on training for the professional publishing industry and most graduates move on to entry-level roles in publishing houses. However, the skills and information you gain are certainly applicable to writers who want to understand the publishing process better and perhaps publish their own work.


Does the Whitireia publishing course teach me how to set up my own business?

Although most graduates move on to entry-level roles in publishing houses, some have started their own businesses after graduation. Graduates learn the publishing-specific skills and information needed to set up a publishing business, but there are of course many aspects of general business and financial management that someone setting up a business requires and these are outside the scope of the course.


If I complete the Whitireia publishing programme, could I get a job overseas?

Absolutely – while our programme is tailored for the New Zealand publishing industry, the skills our students learn are useful throughout the publishing world. Many of our graduates are currently working overseas, from Australia to the UK.


See also our Publishing Careers FAQ page.

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