As the course draws into its final season, many of us have had to make some serious decisions about book covers. It is worth noting some of the wonderful images that may not make it to the final product.

Attached are some of the potential covers of Adrienne Jansen’s A Change of Key, Adrienne Jansen and Carina Gallegos’ All of Us, and L. J. Ritchie’s Monsters of Virtue.














The A Change of Key cover was designed by Keely O’Shannessy. As a sequel to Adrienne Jansen’s The Score, the cover was designed to contrast the red cover of its predecessor. It also encompasses the musical subject matter of the book and keeps the feel.












The All of Us cover is designed by Rowan Heap. It is representative of people from many different backgrounds, illustrating themes prevalent throughout the collection of poems. There were back and forths with this cover, discussing the treatment of colour as well as the typeface, but the final product was well-received by the authors.














The Monsters of Virtue covers were designed by Sam Bunny. The concept was based around the eugenics subject matter and its YA audience. The first cover is based around a vintage school book style and was eventually passed over in favour of the final cover design, because the location is an integral part of the story and it best reflected the serious and dark themes that Ritchie explores.

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