Publishing Handshake: tight deadlines and content control

HandshakeHandshake documents a unique mentoring project in contemporary art. Twelve jewellery graduates were given the opportunity to make work alongside their jewellery heroes from around the globe. The project resulted in a lively website, touring exhibitions, an exceptional learning experience for all involved and this book.

Publishing students helped the project leader, Peter Deckers, shape the content of the book, and managed its production.

The project involved twenty-four jewellers, an editorial committee of four, a designer, a number of photographers and seven writers. One of the key publishing jobs in this kind of project is coordinating all the people involved, making sure they provide their contribution to the book – whether an essay, photographs, peer review, information about photo captions, permission to reproduce material, or any number of other things – and provide it by the time it is needed for the book to get to the printer on schedule.

In this case, the print deadline was tight and, with an exhibition opening in Munich, Germany, already scheduled for 6–12 March 2013, immovable. A single late or low-quality image could push the book completely out of schedule.


Picture perfect?

handshake caption dataThe publishing student managing this project tracked information about each of the 177 photographs in the book with this Excel spreadsheet.

Artwork titles, jeweller names, dimensions, materials, dates, photographers – and, of course, the name and contact details of the contributor responsible for prodiving the image at a high enough resolution for printing – every detail had to be noted, tracked, and checked at every stage of production.



handshake internal proofs_lowHere a student is checking the printer’s proofs, ensuring colours have been correctly represented and everything is ordered and referenced correctly.

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