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Already at this early point of the year, we’ve done many amazing things. From a fieldtrip to Wai-te-ata Press with Sydney Shep to a bookbinding workshop with Vincent Drane, to finding out what our projects will be this year. With so many students from different walks of life coming together through one common interest: we wanted to ask some of them about their year so far and about the rest of the year to come. Here is what they told us.

1) What’s been one of your favourite things we’ve done/learnt in class so far?

Telford: Loved listening to Sydney Shep! What a woman.

Emily: Book binding and the fieldtrip to Wai-te-ata Press.

Jess: It’s hard to choose, but I really enjoyed Sydney’s talk on the history of the book.

Rachael: I enjoyed Simon asking us which book has changed us as it was interesting to hear the different things people take from what they read. Plus, it was cool to hear about so many books I had never come across before. Also, Sydney Shep’s talk – it made me realise there’s so much I’ve never appreciated before about books when I pick one up!

Jasmine: Sydney Shep’s lecture – she was inspiring. I liked the way she helped me to reconsider the purpose of a book and the value of an ebook by discussing where the book actually exists.

2) What are you most looking forward to this year?

Telford: Work placement with a real live publisher.

Emily: I’m looking forward to holding our finished products in our hands and the journey to get there.

Jess: Working on the real thing – actual books.

Rachael: The work placements. The chance to get some real experience in the trade is a fantastic opportunity. Also, the projects – it’s going to be awesome producing a real book together and launching it out into the world!

Jasmine: Our work placements and the commencement of our project work (both with a little healthy trepidation).

3) Why did you choose to study publishing?

Telford: Being a part of the world of books, one way or another.

Emily: I chose publishing because I have two mad passions in life and both involve the written word.

Jess: Because I wanted to work with something I love – books.

Rachael: Here comes the cliché – it is the ideal way to combine my love of books with a job (sadly sitting at home reading all day doesn’t pay the bills). I hope to be involved in the sales and marketing side of things as I believe that great work, and the hard graft authors pour into it, deserves recognition. I want help get their books on the shelves!

Jasmine: Because I want to be part of the process that facilitates the distribution of knowledge. I think that New Zealand publications have the ability to positively shape the perceptions that Kiwis have about themselves, their neighbours, and their environment.

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