Lizzie Dunn looks at an iPadLizzie Dunn graduated from the online Diploma in Publishing in 2013 and created her own publishing company to fill a gap in the market:

I left the Whitireia Diploma of Publishing inspired. I was discussing options for my next step with my mum, Shelley, when she changed the subject in frustration. She had a Think Colourful book in her hands. ‘Why do I have to order children’s books from the other side of the world to practise my Spanish?’ she asked. ‘All I want is a simple story I’m actually interested in.’

The lightbulb appeared.

Little Mouse Co publishes dual-language stories for adult language learners. We distribute our stories through our app ‘Lingogo’. The core team includes myself (Lizzie Dunn), Shelley (my good ol’ Ma) and Hannah Craig (long-time friend and genius designer).

Crossing over to the dark side – e-publishing – suits us. Our stories are globally accessible and technology allows us to enhance traditional dual-language reading with interactivity. We offer three reading and listening options: Get Started (read and listen in your native and target language at the same time), Get Focused (read in your target language, tap any sentence to see its translation and listening options), and Get Fluent (listen in your target language).

We published our first ‘Lingogo Story’ in March 2016. This week [June 2016] we count 3 stories on the shelf, 900 downloads, advertisers and customers from around the world.

The journey has been exhilarating. It’s also been hard. Bloody hard. And we’re aware we have a long journey ahead.

That’s why we’re named after the mouse. We need to be quick, nimble and flexible to survive as our industry develops and we’re committed to doing that.

If you’re interested, check out our website which will lead you to our listings on the Google Play and iTunes App stores. Lingogo is free and so is our first story ‘Leon’. We’d love to hear your feedback!

This article originally appeared in the Whitireia Publishing Winter 2016 newsletter. Sign up for our newsletters here.

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