Beginners guide to road and track coverEmma Adams was the project manager for the 2015 Kennett Brothers book Beginner’s Guide to Road and Track Cycling.

At a succinct eighty-eight pages, this book’s length could deceive you into thinking it that was a straight-forward project. In fact, when it arrived, it seemed almost strange that it should be so slim after everything that went into it. One of the biggest challenges was taking the content, which came from disparate sources, and making it seem as if it all belonged in the same place. The authors and the publisher were generous with their time and knowledge, and pointed out details that were crucial and not so obvious to us – like if you flip a photo to make it look better on the page, it means that the cyclists are on the wrong side of the road (and this sends a mixed signal in a chapter about road safety). The most amazing thing about it now, to me, is that when I look at it, it just looks like a book, and not like something that was taken apart and put together multiple times, and with so many different hands in it. It’s like that thing people say about how you never notice good plastic surgery. In the end we can only hope our contributions are invisible and beneficial, and that we aren’t inadvertently encouraging people to bike on the wrong side of the road.

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