Publishing students have worked with publishers the Kennett Brothers since 2005 on a wide range of books about cycling and cyclists.

The first projects were in the New Zealand Cycling Legends series, short books that detail the careers and triumphs of cyclists through the country’s history, starting with Phil O’Shea who found fame in the early 20th century and moving on to the ‘muddy Olympians’ — Kiwi mountain bikers who competed in the Olympics. In more recent years students have worked on a range of cycling guides including short guides to different regions, such as Central Otago and the Volcanic Plateau.

Each of these non-fiction books has unique challenges, making a lively learning experience for beginning editors and publishers. Student editors have grappled with how to abbreviate and hyphenate distances and measurements; they’ve carefully examined maps to check whether right or left turns are accurately described; they’ve trawled through photographs and managed spreadsheets of image details; and they’ve put the books together for print, painstakingly matching maps, images, text and fact sheets page by page.