Publishing with Page Break: Children’s Picture Books

Fantail's Quilt

In 2011 the programme was involved in its first picture book, working with Page Break Ltd to produce Fantail’s Quilt by first-time author/illustrator team Gay Hay and Margaret Tolland.

Students helped develop and edit the text, produced promotional material, organised the book launch and helped market the book through the trade.




New book, new language

Te-Reo-Snail-book Te-Reo-Fantail-book-The next year, a new team of students worked with te reo translator Piripi Walker to produce a te reo edition of Fantail’s Quilt Te Papangarua a Piwakawaka – and simultaneous English and te reo editions of Gay Hay and Margaret Tolland’s second book.

Watch Out, Snail! and Kia Mataara, e Ngata! were published in 2013.

Students used their te reo editing proofreading training from earlier in the course to ensure the laid-out text was properly macronised and hyphenated.

One practical consideration when designing a book is how it works as an object. Page Break Ltd. wanted Watch Out, Snail! to fit in a regular large envelope for easy postage, so the students worked with designer Vida Kelly to ensure the book fit the size specifications, but still looked good.

If there’s one thing that’s true of publishing, it’s that you’ve never got just one thing on your plate. Even before the snail books had slid out the door, students were hard at work editing and storyboarding for Gay and Margaret’s next collaboration … Go, Green Gecko is released in 2015.




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