Here/Now book coverPlaymarket has worked with the Whitireia publishing programme since 2007 to produce their flagship Play Series, which champions New Zealand playwrights of the past and present. Sarah Yankelowitz managed the publication of Here/Now in 2015.

Our team were lucky enough to have not one but eight dynamic and enthusiastic playwrights to work with. Here/Now is the chunkiest of the Play Series collection, with plays that explore all the stories and strands that make up Aotearoa.

Working with eight playwrights was also a challenge, especially as they were scattered across New Zealand! We had to quickly master the art of the perfectly worded email, occasionally turning to that last resort: a phone call.

Throughout this process, we came to know each play back-to-front, looked up the correct spelling for a number of swear words, and had some very funny conversations with our playwrights. We got to work with the inspiring design-duo Sorelle and Adam Cansino. They gave us a cover exactly to brief but then wowed us with another design that we would never have thought of but was a perfect fit.

Due to a rogue truck driver who went off-route, we had a nail-biting last week with the book arriving the day before the Playmarket Accolades, the setting for the book’s launch. Thankfully, it all came together at the last minute and we got to meet the playwrights we had been corresponding with all year. The pride and joy on their faces as they were each presented with a copy of the book was a real highlight.

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